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Style IQ Personal Stylist by Barbara Dolezal

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Whether at home or on the go, your style reflects who you are. The team of sisters, Barbara and Gwen, guide their clients to help them appreciate their beauty and unique style. Updating your personal style and your home has never been more fun or EASIER!
Style IQ, Barbara Dolezal Personal Stylist
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Style IQ, Barbara Dolezal Personal Stylist
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Thank you for coming to my home and putting on a LookLesson! I knew that so many of my friends would benefit from your intuition and knowledge. Everyone of them absolutely raved about the evening! It was fun, there was no pressure, and they learned really valuable things without making them feel self-conscience. How do you do that with so many different body types and ages? I know more than half signed up for a closet180 because they wanted more, more, more!


Barbara, working with you this past summer was amazing! I hated clothing, I hated shopping, and I really hated deciding what to wear everyday! I am so happy to say those feelings are all in the past. You have reinvigorated this 60 year old! I thank you and so does my husband! It’s his turn now!


Thank you Barbara! Working with you was like going to therapy! Thank you for helping me to look at the real me and seeing the beauty instead of what I perceived as ugliness! I feel so great! I’m better informed as to what looks good on me and how to put what I own together. You took me out of my box! You are just what I needed. Thanks Doc!


What a blast we had going through my closet and throwing out all those things I should have thrown out years ago! All while laughing and carrying on! It was time for me to update and go for a new look but I didn’t have a clue where to start. Barb was fabulous at seeing what looked good on me and what didn’t in an honest and respectful way. I am now much more discerning about what I choose to wear and love my new choices and look! I would recommend Barb to anyone who wants a little help in feeling and looking their best!